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bros being awesome

i like to pretend my life interests people
so i made a personal blog


i wish i was a cute youtuber but im boring and bad at everything

This is the third night. I get home from work, sleep early, only to wake up 2 hours after feeling anxious, having a hard time breathing and with this inexplicable urge to scream and break something. Might be having nightmares I instantly forget.

HP Event

in art tea level 5000

event today @ Dusit Thani

event today @ Dusit Thani

i wanted to get away from everything that reminded me of you. i dreamed of leaving earth. but then i realized the moon and the stars are what reminded me of you the most.

just got back from… the office comfort room. lol. been throwing up non-stop and i just feel over all shitty. i feel super sick but i cant go home early since ive already had absences and lates :c i just dont but damn it horts ;~; i miss my highschool days when i can just say “mom make someone pick me up im sick” then the school will let you go without question :( i hope this goes away after tonight’s sleep. and i hope i dont see the arm-grabbing psycho again on my way home later.

akala ko tapos na ako umiyak. hindi pa pala.